Imagine you open your refrigerator to get something only to find that the refrigerator wasn’t fully closed! The consequences of this can be really bad. There will be less cooling. You will have high energy bills. Your food will spoil. And whatnot! A lot of commercial fridge owners face this frustrating situation simply because the rubber gasket for fridge is not working properly. But there’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

But it’s best to be sure about the reason for the situation so that you can make an informed decision. So, here are a few reasons that prevent fridge gaskets from working properly.

  • Wear and Tear
    Because of the repeated opening and closing, the gasket material can wear out over time. Such wear and tear can lead to cracks, gaps, and tears in the rubber gasket for fridge. This further compromises the gasket’s ability to seal the door properly.
  • Dirt and Debris Buildup
    It’s common for dirt, food particles, and debris to accumulate along the gasket. This hinders the gasket’s ability to stay flexible and effective. Moreover, this buildup can prevent the gasket from forming a tight seal against the fridge frame.
  • Physical Damage
    Physical damage to the gasket such as cuts, punctures, and tears is a major reason why the gasket doesn’t work properly. It also keeps the refrigerator door from sealing effectively. There can be a number of reasons for the damage such as sharp objects, mishandling, and excessive force during cleaning.
  • Too Much Weight in the Door
    This is probably the number one reason why fridge gaskets loosen. People store gallons of milk, juices, and water in their doors. This pulls the door outside and keeps it from closing completely. Doing this once or twice doesn’t cause a lot of problems. But if it keeps happening every day, it can become a big problem and keep your fridge from functioning properly.
  • Misaligned Hinges
    When there is a lot of pressure on the fridge’s hinges, the fridge opens. If you are good at DIY tactics, tighten and adjust the hinges before they cause a big problem. Loosen up the hinges and realign them for proper placement. We suggest calling a professional if you are not sure about what you are doing.
  • Lack of Leveling
    No matter what, you must keep your fridge in a place that is properly leveled. If the fridge is tilted forward or on any side, it will cause a lot of trouble for the door to stay closed. So, it’s best to level up the surface before you place your fridge there.
  • Aging
    Like anything else on earth, fridge gaskets can deteriorate with age. The gasket material can become brittle, develop cracks, or lose elasticity over time. This can cause ineffective sealing in the door.

If you have recently noticed that your rubber gasket for fridge is not working properly, the best you can do is get your gasket replaced. Find the best gasket for your fridge at RefriGaskets and continue using your fridge to its maximum potential.

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