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Unfortunately, we do not have any product photos for this manufacturer yet.

However, we do have replacement parts for this manufacturer. Please refer to common profiles by manufacturer list below or feel free to email us with any specific product inquiries.

Instructions on How to Order. 

Common Profiles by Manufacturer:

Adcraft – RF-14
Advantedge – RF-33
American Panel – RF-14
Amerikooler – RF-14
Anthony Aftermarket – RF-51, RF-55RF-59, RF-60, RF-61, RF-62, RF-64
Ardco Aftermarket – RF-60
Asber – RF-11
Ascend – RF-14
Atlas Metal – RF-14, RF-83, RF-87
Bally – RF-47
Bel-Par – RF-83
Beverage-Air – RF-11, RF-14
Blue Air – RF-24, RF-33
Cold Tech – RF-14, RF-17, RF-24
Coldmatic – RF-41, RF-14, RF-33
Continental – RF-11, RF-14, RF-59, RF-87
Curtis – RF-14
Delfield – RF-41, RF-42, RF-43, RF-48
Everest – RF-24
Foster – RF-45
Franke – RF-14, RF-91
Glastender – RF-14, RF-87
Habco – RF-14, RF-17
Henny Penny – RF-95
Hobart – RF-14, RF-44, RF-60, RF-83, RF-87
Hoshizaki – RF-14, RF-26, RF-62
Hussmann – RF-59
International Cold Storage – RF-14, RF-49
Kelvinator – RF-11, RF-14
Kolpak – RF-14, RF-49
Leer – RF-14, RF-59, RF-62
McCall – RF-14, RF-60, RF-62
Master-Bilt – RF-14, RF-33
MKE – RF-14
Norbec – RF-14, RF-17
Norlake – RF-14, RF-33
Perlick – RF-11, RF-14, RF-24, RF-83
Silver King – RF-36
Traulsen – RF-14, RF-17, RF-24, RF-45, RF-47, RF-83
True Mfg – RF-11, RF-14, RF-21, RF-22, RF-35
Turbo Air – RF-24, RF-33
Victory – RF-11, RF-14
Zero Zone – RF-51, RF-62, RF-64

Not sure which profile is a match?

No problem, simply send us a picture of the gasket as per the instructions here: How to Order and we’ll match it for you.



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