No one can even imagine their life without a refrigerator. Be it a homeowner or a business operator, a refrigerator is an important appliance that keeps food items fresh and safe for consumption. One integral part of any refrigerator is its seal which is responsible for the proper functioning of the fridge. It means that you must keep checking your refrigerator seal and ensure that it is in its prime condition.

This won’t just save you the refrigerator seal replacement cost but will also ensure your refrigerator’s overall performance and efficiency. But how do you know that your refrigerator seal is not working properly and you need to replace it? Here are a few signs that will help you make the right decision.

  • Not Cold Enough
    You know the chill you feel when you open a fridge. Do you get the same chill now? Does your butter feel soft? Are you facing defrosting issues in your freezer? If yes, your fridge may have some issues in maintaining the required temperature. This won’t just result in spoilt food but you may also have to incur high energy bills as your fridge will be taking up extra energy to maintain its temperature. As soon as you notice a drop in the fridge temperature, call professionals who will let you know if your seal is broken or if there is some other issue.
  • Rising Energy Bills
    As mentioned already, when your fridge’s seal is not working properly, it takes up more energy to maintain a proper temperature. So, if you notice that your energy bills have unexplainably increased, you must check your seal. A broken seal lets cold air escape and allows the hot air to enter. This causes your refrigerators to work harder to maintain the right temperature, resulting in increased energy consumption.
  • Spoiling Food
    You may not always feel the changes in your fridge as soon as you open it. But it doesn’t mean that there is no issue with your fridge. Even the slightest drops in temperature can cause your food to spoil. If you notice that you have been throwing away a lot of food even when the expiry date is far, it could be because of a fault in your fridge. It is probably because the seal is compromised and your fridge can’t work properly.
  • Condensation
    A little bit of condensation doesn’t mean a huge problem with your fridge. But if you notice excess condensation, it can be a big problem. There shouldn’t even be any condensation on your food. If you notice any, it’s because your fridge is not cooling properly. The issue may be solved with a simple refrigerator seal replacement. Over time, the seal may accumulate debris and can even suffer cracks and tears, causing the cold air to escape and hot air to seep in even when the door is shut.

When you notice that there is a problem with your refrigerator seal and there is not a better option other than refrigerator seal replacement, go for it. Find the best-quality refrigerator seals at RefriGaskets. Our team has extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying commercial refrigerator door gaskets for businesses throughout the US & Canada.

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